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Safety Information

ODYSSEY® Automotive Battery Safety Information

When working with ODYSSEY® batteries:

Danger of Exploding Batteries

Batteries contain sulfuric acid and produce a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. Because self-discharge action generates hydrogen gas even when the battery is not in operation, make sure the batteries are stored and worked on in a well-ventilated area.

Dangers of Battery Acid

In the unlikely event that an ODYSSEY® battery would leak electrolyte (for example, as a result of being punctured or crushed), extreme caution should be taken to avoid contact with the discharge.

Electrolyte, more commonly known as battery acid, is a solution of sulfuric acid and water that can cause serious skin burns as well as damaging clothing or other materials on contact. When handling electrolyte make sure to always keep an acid-neutralizing solution nearby. Commonly available neutralizing solutions include baking soda or household ammonia mixed with water.

Always follow these safety tips: