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DUAL PRO® Charging Systems

DUAL PRO® Charging Systems is a leading provider of a wide range of battery charging systems for the marine, industrial, emergency services and recreational market.

Our charging systems are built to last and designed to make your battery systems perform better and remain in service longer.

A DUAL PRO® charging system comes with longer battery life, greater reliability, and boosted efficiency which results in dramatic savings for customers and manufacturers. DUAL PRO® are innovative manufacturers, committed to using cutting edge algorithms and components to create greater reliability and efficiency, benefits that are passed directly onto their customers. With a range of products across many sectors, for personal and commercial use, DUAL PRO® delivers versatility, reliability, and efficiency.

Our systems charge batteries faster to 100% charge with no risk of overcharging, maintain the charge, and make batteries perform better and last longer. As a result, leading battery manufacturers recommend these products to charge their batteries and many manufacturers make Pro Charging System chargers their primary choice for installation on their products.

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Boss Generators

8800-Watt Diesel Dual Purpose Boss Generators

No matter where you are, or what you need the power for, the Boss Generator is one of the most efficient and effective portable diesel-powered units on the market. Easy to maintain, and cost-effective to run, this 8800-Watt generator will run for weeks, stopping only for refuelling and oil changes every 500 hours!




Boss Generators are easy to use, reliable, and adaptable, providing the kind of power you can depend on.

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EnerSys® Solar Batteries

EnerSys® are a trusted and reliable brand, whose stored energy solutions provide power to customers and manufacturers across the globe. At EnerSys®, quality is a team effort, from development through to productions, and that’s reflected in all their products.

With an Enersys Solar Battery, you get the benefits of strong product design with high energy density and cycling capability and high purity electrolyte to generate power and efficiency. Includes guaranteed reliability and safety thanks to Thin Plate Pure Lead technology and Absorbent Glass Mates, which helps to prevent corrosion and electrolyte discharge.


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