Dual Pro Charging Systems

Pro Charging Systems is a leading provider of a wide range of battery charging systems for the marine, industrial, emergency services and recreational market.

Our charging systems are built to last and designed to make your battery systems perform better and remain in service longer.

Our systems charge batteries faster to 100% charge with no risk of overcharging, maintain the charge and make batteries perform better and last longer. As a result, leading battery manufacturers recommend our products to charge their batteries and many manufacturers make Pro Charging System chargers their primary choice for installation on their products.

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Top 10 Reasons To Buy Our Chargers

Most Reliable Chargers on the Market

Safest Chargers Ever Manufactured

Over 20 Years of Proven Performance

Recommended by Leading Battery Manufacturers

Over 750,000 Battery Chargers Sold

Easy to Install and Use – “Just Plug It In and Forget It”

Charges Batteries to 100% without Over Charging

Sophisticated Microprocessors Control Charger Performance

All Professional, Sportsman and Eagle Performance Series are Made in the USA

The Chargers of Choice for Major Manufacturers